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Minimal Fashion 02

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SEO Compatible


Unlimited Features

Free Hosting

Free SSL Certificate


(One Time)

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Server Requirements
- Ioncube V5 and Higher.
- Php 5.6 and Higher.
- Apache Mod_Rewrite
Linux / cPanel Recommended.

Wordpress Infrastructure

Your E-Commerce site is prepared with Wordpress infrastructure.

Wordpress xStore

The advanced xStore theme is used while your site is being prepared.

Easy Management

You can provide easy management with Wordpress admin panel.


Your site is delivered compatible for all devices.

Free Hosting

Installation takes place by providing 1 year free hosting.

Corporate Mail

We provide your corporate e-mail address free of charge.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is delivered as installed and ready.

Support 7/24

We are ready to support you when you need it.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimizations are delivered ready-made.

Speed Optimization

Speed optimizations are delivered ready-made.

Payment Integration

Payment integration is delivered ready.

Open Source

Your site is presented to you as completely open source.

Language Support

Free language support is provided upon request.

Unlimited Features

Unlimited products/categories etc. you can input.

Blog Management

We make blog optimizations so that you can provide blog management.

Together with our expert team, we have thought of everything for your E-Commerce site, which is your first step to digital sales, and we have created our E-Commerce package with all the installation and optimizations ready. You just place an order and focus on your sales after preparation, we will undertake all the technical details and optimizations with our expert team.

In order to serve you better, we do not leave you alone after installation and provide regular support. Our team will be ready to support you whenever you need it.

General features;

  • Your site is prepared with Wordpress infrastructure and optimized specifically for you.
  • With the easy Wordpress admin panel, you can manage without difficulty.
  • Advanced xStore theme is used and optimized specifically for you.
  • It is fully compatible for all devices and is delivered 100% responsive.
  • We do not charge you the first year hosting fee and we offer 1 year free unlimited hosting.
  • With our corporate mail services, we provide corporate mail service under any name you wish.
  • We provide and install an SSL certificate for free.
  • By providing basic SEO optimizations, we deliver you ready-made without having to deal with SEO.
  • We deliver by providing all the acceleration optimizations of your site.
  • We provide integration with the payment broker you want and deliver it ready by making the adjustments.
  • We deliver our software to you as completely open source and we do not impose any restrictions on you.
  • In line with your request, we provide unlimited automatic translation and language support and enable you to serve globally.
  • Unlimited products, categories, articles, etc., without limiting any feature. We offer access to areas.
  • It provides you with all xStore themes without limits, and if you want to change the theme in the future, you can easily change the theme with 1 click.
  • In order to provide you with the best service, we offer updates indefinitely and provide free theme and Wordpress updates. Moreover,
  • we support you not only as a site, but also to increase your sales afterwards.

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Installation Instructions

For those whose domain name is hosted by another company, NS forwarding is required before ordering.

Our NS Addresses;

  • ns1.rois.co (required)
  • ns2.rois.co (required)
  • ns3.rois.co
  • ns4.rois.co
  • ns5.rois.co
  • ns6.rois.co
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